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Pre-Performance Talks @ Mondavi Center
Joseph T. Sorensen, Associate Professor of Japanese, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Davis gives a Pre-Performance Talk on Sankai Juku.

Pre-Performance Talks are free to all ticket holders. These half-hour talks and conversations with UC Davis faculty, local experts and visiting artists provide context for our audience. One of the most popular programs we offer, most talks are recorded for podcast following the performance.

Developing deeper relationships with artists, arts organizations and our campus community enriches our programming and enhances the experiences of our audience. These free presentations by UC Davis faculty and local arts experts, and occasionally the artist themselves provide aesthetic, historical and social context on selected artists. You can anticipate important information about all performance enhancements in your EventMail email that you receive before any event for which you have purchased tickets.


The 2016-17 Performances with Pre-Performance Talks are:

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 8:00pm

One of the great courtroom dramas of the last century, Judgment at Nuremberg became an Academy Award-winning film and a stage play that is both surprising and unsettling. This cast of unforgettable characters play out their high-stakes game against the backdrop of a looming Cold War, shifting political alliances and the shocking and vivid memories of the Holocaust and World War II.

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